Recently, my long neglected blog,

"The Un-Solicited Opinions of The Alabama Housewife"

 made a jump to the pages of Good Grit Magazine.

You can still click below to read my past opinions and the occasional posts I add when the mood strikes.....or when something really gets me fired up.  

The Un-Solicited Opinions of The Alabama Housewife

In the summer of 2017, I started writing about our little cottage on the bay near Grayton Beach, Florida. We were really starting to move and groove with the updating and renovating when sadly, the house burned.

(You can read the full story of the fire here.)

Nobody got hurt, so all is well, but my attempts to renovate turned in to a full scale tear down and re-build.....which is a very slow go. I am still writing about  the "Linger Long-er Cottage" as we put her back in place and if you'd like to follow along you can click the photo below. 

Mary Alayne B. Long

Mother ~ Housewife ~ Writer