The Alabama Housewife

​Southern Humorist, Storyteller and Writer

Week One


I am not a touchy feely person. I don’t like emotion. I loathe crying. And motivational speakers make me want to spit up. Frankly, I’ve yet to hear any one of them give any sort of advice that didn’t sound like they were quoting somebody’s Maw Maw……Don’t cry over spilled milk…. Clean up your own mess….Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again…..I think that last one is actually a song lyric but you get my drift. Suffice to say, anything that comes across as “new age” to me is not likely to attract my attention. So when I first heard someone talk about manifesting I thought it was insane. You mean I just sit around and think about what I want and I’ll get it? Yeah—right.  I’ve since LEARNED that manifesting is nothing of the sort. It can come in many forms but it is very real and it works. Sometimes even in your subconscious. The key is—what ever you want to achieve, you have to SEE IT first. Now don’t start thinking you can just twinkle your nose and wait for something to appear in front of you. This is not Bewitched. In real life manifesting you have to put in the work—lots of focused work—and it’s worth every second.

My rules for manifesting are simple and for me,

they’ve proved unbeatable when I don’t waver.

1. Get a clear view of what you’re working toward.

    -Whatever you want to be, see yourself in that role.

Whether you want to groom dogs or teach school or run a restaurant,

get a full mental picture of what that looks like for you.

2. Don’t be scared.

    -If you aren’t confident in yourself and your skills nobody else will be either.

You can stay humble and still be sure of yourself.

3. Start doing what you want to be doing.

    -If you want to be a mechanic, get out in the garage.

You’re not going to learn how to change a spark plug while you play video games.

4. Don’t waste time with envy.

    -Let other people’s success inspire you.

Don’t be a copycat but watch how other people have been successful

in your chosen field and LEARN from them.

5. Pray for God to show you the way.

    -If you’re putting Him first, He will guide your steps.

Pay close attention for the times when He shows you

you’re moving in the wrong direction.

6. Don’t let the world distract you.

    -Stop scrolling, start working.

Stop watching divisive programs and get out to meet real people.

Stop listening to people who don’t believe in you and

surround yourself with other hard workers who will challenge you in productive ways. Stop seeing all the bad things in the world and

focus your sights on all the good you can do.

7. Listen and look for signs from the universe.

    -Learn what to look for and pay attention.

Your signs are different from mine or anyone else.

Maybe it’s a special number. Maybe you see feathers or rocks at certain times.

Maybe it’s a song that plays. You know what your signs are—be aware.

That’s pretty much it. It’s not rocket science.

And while I’m sure a lot of that will sound very new age-y to you and

it must seem like a contradiction of sorts coming from an avowed non-new age-y person;

I promise you it’s real and it works.

XOXO~ Mary Alayne

P. S. If you want to be a cliff diver or the next Pope or
if your dream requires you to mortgage your house to start a cat cafe or
if there’s some other crazy element to where you see yourself—
let’s take a minute to be absolutely SURE that’s where you really, truly see yourself.

That doesn’t mean you can’t work for big things that may seem out of reach
but there has to be an element of reality to your manifesting
or you’ll just end up disappointed.