My family is all over the road politically.

How do I keep the conversation light at family get-togethers?

    Whew-this one can be tough. Still, it all comes down to manners and remembering they require us to make others feel more at ease when ever possible. That doesn’t mean when Uncle Bubba or Cousin Gladys starts to stomp around yelling about the red vs. the blue you sit quietly by or hide under the table. It simply means you keep a calm head, keep yourself from looking foolish and help move the conversation in another direction. I have family members who are on the completely opposite spectrum when it comes to politics so guess what—we don’t discuss politics.  Tada—it’s like magic. We love each other and are mature enough to understand love is the only thing that matters. If you and your family can’t commit to lay down the swords for a few days of togetherness then I’m sad to tell you, y’all have much bigger fish to fry than identity politics.

Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to be sharing

some of the lessons I wrote about a few years ago when

I had a Dear Abby style column in Good Grit Magazine.

It was a lot of fun to write that one and

I hope you'll enjoy revisiting it with me here. 

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